The Shadow of Everwood

In Search of Answers

After discovering and failing to heal the corruption at the heart of the forest, the party set out along the trail to Nebelhelm, to regroup and plan their next effort to cure the Everwood Forest. On their two day journey back to town, they encountered a terrified Ranger, Reeder Foxe, who convinced the party to help him bring his dead brother Armin and himself back to town.

Three zombies, a well timed Wood Elf Monk named Paelias, and several dark shadows later, the party delivered Reeder and Armin to Reeder’s Cabin where he offered to let the party rest for the night. The party wanted to explore first and just as the sun was setting they made their way through the entrance of Nebelhelm. The townsfolk were happy to see their return, but saddened by the great loss of so many heroes and loved ones.

The party was offered free drinks and lodging at the tavern, so they gathered there and drank. There, they met Waltom Boley, and Pomsack; two locals who claimed to know something about the mysteries of the shadow.

The party was intrigued by both men and decided to split up to investigate. Using an invisibility spell Windola Ozwald followed Pomsack and uncovered his dark ties to Oehera when she saw him praying at a shrine in his home. She then followed him to the Nebelhelm Graveyard where she witnessed him enter an eerie mausoleum though she was not sure how he opened the door.

Meanwhile, the party followed Waltom, the town drunk to his house. He drunkenly told them the legend of Rewnik the Wise, a great wizard that fought alongside Orion Araxian, who cast a powerful seal between the Shadowfell and our plane. As legend tells, Rewnik the Wise hand chose 10 wizards known as the Keepers of the Light to protect the seal. The Keepers protected the seal for centuries but now only a single Keeper remains. An old wizard named Morrin. He is assumed to be at the abandoned Temple of the Keepers in the Concordian Mountains.

As the night carried on the party eventually decided to get some rest. Reeder Foxe gave Armin’s Bow, a cherished memento from his late brother Armin, to Tomlin Wayfair while Seldwin Farrow stayed at the tavern, convincing the tavern dwellers he was badass.

Choosing to believe the local drunk, the party set off to investigate the crumbling Temple of the Keepers. But half a day into their journey along the snowy trail through Morover’s Pass, the group discovered Pomsack had been following them since they left Nebehelm. Pomsack was unaware that the party knew of his dark connections and he asked to assist them on their journey to the temple. After much debate the group decided to allow him to join them but they kept a very close watch on him. They rested that night under an alarm spell cast by Shea and took shifts sleeping to ensure Pomsack couldn’t pull anything in the middle of the night.

The next day, after noticing the repeated clutching of a necklace under his shirt and knowing his questionable intentions, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock attempted to stealthily remove Pomsack’s necklace but he was too quick and pulled away before she could secure it. With the group’s patience wearing thin they began questioning Pomsack. As the altercation intensified the party learned that he intended to take the party into the Shadowfell, as his master instructed and his necklace was actually an Unholy Symbol used by followers of Oheara to perform dark rituals. Paelias joined the fight and with a quick nunchuck to Pomsack’s head the necklace was soon off and secure in Paelias’s pocket.

Unsure what to do about Pomsack the group examined their options. They could take him with them, or leave him there unconscious. A few wanted to throw his unconscious body off the cliff and keep moving. Ultimately, they decided to tie his arms around a tree and with his face pushed into a hole carved just for this purpose (which took 3 hours to complete). A much more humane choice. The party then completed their journey over Morover’s Pass and found themselves at the Temple of the Keepers.

An old three-story building built by the Keepers centuries ago. It is tucked away in an opening in the trees of the Concordian Mountains, overgrown with vines and covered in a thick layer of dust throughout. The group encountered traps, locked doors and rats in a flooded basement. They found books and scrolls scattered on the desks and mysterious notes scribbled frantically about the Shadowfell and great evils of legend.

As this adventure comes to a close the group continues deeper into the temple in search of Morrin the Keeper. But what secrets does he hold for our brave adventurers?


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