The Shadow of Everwood

Intro - The Heart of the Forest

The Everwood Forest, known for its ability to regrow any felled tree in under ten days, has become tainted and foul, shrouded in a veil of darkness. A band of 80 heros gathered from near and far in the town of Nebelhelm at the base of the Concordian Mountains, just to the east of the Everwood Forest. They set out in search of the Heart of the Forest, to find the cause of the forest’s corruption, and to restore its beauty. But there were dark and sinister things to find deep in the forest.

One by one they were picked off and vanished into the darkness. Often without a trace or sound. There were now just 8 that remained: [party intro]

Determined to find the cause of the decay they pressed on. They fought a swarm of stirges, giant mosquito-bat-like monsters, and soon found themselves at the Forest Temple. At that point, Einkle the Dwarf activated a magical seal and the door started talking to him. He was tasked with answering 4 riddles and with the help of the group (and making sure to get the door’s name just right), Einkle passed the Mighty Door’s test and the door to the temple opened.

At that moment the party was ambushed by three centaurs. After a tough fight and a few close calls the adventurers had laid waste to the centaurs and they continued into the temple.

There they found themselves at the alter of the heart of the forest. Thanks to her druidic knowledge, Windola Ozwald determined that the forest was under an ancient, evil curse. A curse that has not been seen for centuries. Shortly after, the alter lifted up revealing an elevator leading down into the depths of the temple. The party was lowered into a large, dark, empty room but they soon found out they were not alone. There they defeated the black dragon wyrmling which weakened the curse enough to slow the decay and the evil monsters retreated into the forest. For now…


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